Here at Tattoos and Comics we are all about the ART! 

We're a fully functioning Design and Art Studio, hosting various talents like Emmanuel Sotomayor, Xavier Rieche, Juan Navarro, Kenny Calderon and many more, in -house. This allows us to make much of the work above, sketches and drawings we do in passing. We may have full portfolios up soon.

We hot various art events, including Sundays our weekly ART & CHILL,  sort of like drink and draw but with more screaming and laughing. We come together hangout, draw and talking shop. We also have planned workshops to help people get involved in Art, including MAKING COMICS workshop, that cover everything form concept to refinishing a whole comic book and planning more around certain media like Watercolor and such, and keeping a sketchbook. MORE INFO COMING SOON, subscribe to the e-mail list below to make sure. 

So, come in and talk to any of our awesome staff if you have any questions!