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We love the MIAMI BOOK FAIR  ( November 12-19, 2017) and are glad to join it, once again, with studio mates CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT to help support the love of books, be they comic or otherwise, in MIAMI! Here is a sneak peak to all the great programming they have coming up in November! 

Saturday, November 18

The Politics of YA
11 a.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
Young adult fiction is more popular — and more controversial — than ever. Once there were taboos and book bans; now there’s YA Twitter. How do authors cope with the fine line between being too SJW (Social Justice Warrior) or not SJW enough, especially in the already-opinionated comics world? Matt Holm (Swing It, Sunny), Mariko Tamaki (Lumberjanes), George O’Connor (Olympians) and Molly Ostertag (The Witch Boy) talk about the balancing act and challenging the definition of all-ages. Moderated by Conor McCreery. 

Fantasy: Youth’s Portal to Reality
12 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
Get a glimpse at surreal tales where children grow up to be robots, toys come alive, and a surfboard carries friends into a supernatural mystery. These top creators share insight about why fantasy can be the best tool to teach kids about reality, with Janet Lee and Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men), Liniers (Good Night, Planet), and Kim Dwinell (Surfside Girls). Moderated by Martin Pierro

Living in History
1 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
How do graphic novelists make living, breathing characters of history? What are the rules they make for themselves to balance navigating the importance of accuracy with the awesome power of visual imagination? Talk history in illustrated form with Nathan Hale (Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales), Cecil Castelluci (Soupy Leaves Home), Khalil Bendib (Verax: The True History of Whistleblowers, Drone Warfare, and Mass Surveillance) and Nate Powell (Nate Powell’s Omnibox). Moderated by Martin Pierro

Old Heroes, New Powers
2 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
As superheroes surge from the standard avenues of comic stores and blockbuster theaters onto the small screen and bookstore shelf, there’s a new hunger for fresh perspectives on what makes heroes super. Faith Erin Hicks (The Adventures of Superhero Girl), Barry Lyga (The Flash: Hocus Pocus) and Jo Whittemore (Supergirl: Age of Atlantis) discuss what they’re doing to deliver that! Moderated by Joan Hilty. 

Women Wanderers
3 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
Skating, driving West, discovering a family homeland inside a pashmina shawl, living Jane Eyre’s life in modern NYC — these are stories of women looking for home and identity and discovering, against all expectations, the things that create it for them. With Nidhi Chanani (Pashmina), Nicole Georges (Fetch), Ramon Perez (Jane), and Tillie Walden (Spinning). Moderated by Andrea Askowitz.

Robert Sikoryak presents Carousel: Comics Performances and Picture Shows
4 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
For the first time ever, cartoonist Robert Sikoryak brings his famed Carousel event to the Miami Book Fair! What began in NYC in 1997 and has made its home at NYC's Dixon Place has become a comics cult favorite, popping-up at comics festivals all over the U.S. like TCAF, S.D.C.C. MECAF, MICE and more. Carousel turns the regular ol' comics presentation on its head using live narration, music, or sound effects combined with stick figures, lush illustrations, live painting or even dance, all curated and hosted by Robert Sikoryak! Join comics creators Mimi Pond, Michael DeForge, Jason Shiga, Tillie Walden and more as they perform like never before!

Sunday, November 19

Horror, Noir, Immortality
11 a.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
Terror, death, and rebirth find new life with three authors who all buck genre conventions in their work to explore and explode these terrifying, yet weirdly empowering themes. Start your morning with a little noir alongside Victor LaValle (Destroyer), Jason Shiga (Demon), Conor McCreery (Kill Shakespeare series) and Eric Grissom (Gregory Suicide). Moderated by Alex Segura. 

Summers of Love & War
12 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
In today’s hyper-charged political climate, it helps to look back on the most recent era of major social upheaval in the US for clues on where we go from here. Three new books present distinct points from the generation that experienced the 1960s and 1970s. With Mimi Pond (The Customer Is Always Wrong), Penelope Bagieu (California Dreamin: Cass Elliot Before the Mamas & The Papas), and Trina Robbins (Last Girl Standing). Moderated by Joan Hilty. 

Future Shock
1 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
From Ray Bradbury to H.G. Wells, Science Fiction writers have been predicting our future for decades. Join our own panel of visionaries as they tell us what they see when they look ahead. (Spoiler Alert: It’s not all good.) with Mike Cavallaro (Decelerate Blue), Michel Fiffe (Zegas), Mr.Fish (And Then the World Blew Up), and Michael DeForge (Sticks Angelica, Folk Hero). Moderated by George O’Connor. 

SPOTLIGHT: Kirby’s Moral Universe
2 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
Jack Kirby’s personal and public beliefs drove the creation of an unforgettable range of iconic heroes – and helped shape a propaganda tide. A former assistant to Kirby himself, Mark Evanier (Kirby: King of Comics) joins art historian and web writer Mark Fertig (Take That, Adolf) for a conversation with Editorial Director at Abrams ComicArts Charlie Kochman about the life, work and legend of the man who changed comics forever, Jack Kirby.  

Best American Comics 2017
3 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
Guest-edited by Ben Katchor, the twelfth annual volume of the New York Times bestselling series returns with a collection where “every last page is worth a look” (Bustle).  Join Katchor as he talks with some of this year’s contributors to Best American Comics. 

SPOTLIGHT: The Trump Presidential Library  
4 p.m. / MAGIC Screening Room (Bldg. 8, 1st Floor) 
The Los Angeles Times called it a “must-see panel of Comic-Con 2017”, and now it’s coming to Miami! Political satire has reached new heights since the election of President Trump; Shannon Wheeler (Shit My President Says) and Robert Sikoryak (The Unquotable Trump) promise laughter and tears (and a presentation with slides) as they work through the nation’s current political reality. 


Stay tuned as we will be announcing, even more, panels and events we will be participating ourselves in also!